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Office 365 Migration
Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration


Bauer Evans works with the systems engineers at Shinobi IT to replace and aging on-site Microsoft Exchange server with an Office 365 solution in order to improve security and reliability while cutting overall cost and decreasing the workload required to maintain their company email system. 


Bauer Evans is an accounting firm with offices in Everett and Bellevue Washington, offering a full suite of key services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Their in-house team consists of one network administrator who performs the majority of the company‚Äôs IT and facilities operations, bringing in consulting resources as needed. 


Bauer Evans required a scalable email solution that was easy to manage, less expensive than upgrading and replacing their old system, and improved their security. They could afford very little downtime, needed to have all of their email data migrated to the new solution, and required minimal user interaction when pointing mail clients at the new server. 

How we helped: 

Shinobi IT assessed the current Exchange 2010 deployment, and configured the Office 365 environment to provide similar functionality. We migrated over all user accounts, implementing password sync, and performed thorough testing to verify that mailflow and accounts were working properly. We were able to migrate data during off-hours over a weekend, and provided both documentation and on-site engineers to assist end users in pointing their clients at the new email environment. Total downtime for the business was under 2 hours, with no lost mail. 


Shinobi IT successfully created the Office 365 infrastructure as proposed, and cleanly migrated the end-users to the new solution with minimal business impact. Bauer Evans has seen a significant decrease in the amount of in-house time required to manage email, and has had consistent email service without interruption since the migration. 

“My experience with Shinobi was awesome! Kyle and his team did a great job for us on a number of projects but especially the O365 migration. Great communication, great delegation and great to work with!”  


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